Ecological Network

Preservation of the ecological network is one of the fundamental goals to be achieved through implementation of measures identified in the Nature Protection Act (OG 80/13). It is required to ensure the conservation of target species and habitat types in a favourable state or regeneration of habitats whose favourable state was impaired.

At the proposal of the Ministry of Culture, the Government of the Republic of Croatia has proclaimed the ecological network with a system of areas of ecological importance and ecological corridors.

With this legal provision the Republic of Croatia is harmonised with the European legislation in the field of nature protection, in particular with:

The ecological network is a system of most valuable areas for threatened wild species and habitat types which are sufficiently contiguous and mutually interrelated by corridors, thus enabling communication and exchange of species.

Natura 2000

Natura 2000 is the EU ecological network composed of the most significant areas for conservation of species and habitat types. After the accession of the Republic of Croatia into the European Union, Natura 2000 will also be proclaimed in the territory of our country.


Ecological Network Impact Assessment

The ecological network impact assessment means a procedure used to assess whether there is a probability that the implementation of a plan, programme or project in the ecological network area, which by itself or in combination with other plans, programmes or projects, may have a significant impact on the conservation objectives and integrity of the ecological network area in respect of its structure and functionality.