Project Natura 2000 management and monitoring – NATURA MANMON


Meeting with county public institutions for management of protected natural values

Natura MANMON (Natura management and monitoring) project started on 17th October 2011, as one of the Contracts (Contract of Technical assistance – TA) signed between Central finance and contracting agency (CFCA) and Consortium Ramboll from Denmark and Naturebureau Ltd. From Great Britain. This project will be performed in the period of 18 months in the Republic of Croatia.

Project NATURA MANMON is part of the „Capacity building of county public institutions with aim of preparation of management plans (MeP) and strengthening of the nature protection inspection for proposed Natura 2000 sites“, financed from the European union programme IPA 2009, which is consisted from 3 Contracts:

  1. Contract: Natura MANMON (TA)
  2. Contract: Developing the national information system for nature protection supervision (Twining light – TWL)
  3. Contract: Supply and installing of the equipment for nature protection supervision system (Equipment supply – SUP)

Host of the Natura MANMON Project is Ministry of Culture (MoC); project partners and direct beneficiaries are Ministry of Culture (MoC), State Institute for Nature Protection (SINP), County public institutions for management of protected areas in county, county administration offices, and all the stakeholders involved in state monitoring framework, like forestry, hunting, agriculture, water management and scientific community.

Total amount of the Natura MANMON Project is: € 1.174.950,00.

The overall objective of the project is preservation of existing biodiversity in the Republic of Croatia, contribution to sustainable management and monitoring of Natura 2000 sites, through strengthening administrative and institutional capacities in nature protection on national and regional/local level.

Expected results from the project are: preparation of management plans (MeP) for 6 selected Natura 2000 sites (alluvial forests in Vukovarsko-srijemska county – HR5000006 Spačvanski bazen, locality Pregon in Istria county – HR2001015 Pregon, complex Mediterranean fields and mountain areas in Dubrovačko-neretvanska county – HR2000946 Snježnica i Konavosko polje, Odransko polje in Sisačko-moslavačka county – HR2000415 Odransko polje, locality Bulji in Zadarska county HR2001255 Bulji, transboundary river in Krapinsko-zagorska county – HR2001070 Sutla); selected County public institutions for management of protected natural values, county administration offices and other relevant participants trained for the preparation of management plans (MeP) of Natura 2000 sites, preparation of monitoring programs at state level for target species and habitat types for  6 proposed Natura 2000 sites, identified organizations or individuals trained for purpose of practical implementation and preparation of monitoring programs and general public informed and public awareness raised about Natura 2000 ecological network.