Protected Nature

Nature and natural assets are of particular interest for the Republic of Croatia and are beneficiaries of its special protection.

Nature protection comprehends conservation of biological and landscape diversity and the protection of natural assets of international, national and local importance which includes:

The implementation of effective nature protection and conservation in the Republic of Croatia is enabled by establishing and developing national legislative framework, systematic capacity building in nature protection at the international and regional level, constant monitoring of the state of nature conservation, and the nature protection promotion with the aim of public involvement as an important stakeholder in nature conservation. This modern concept of nature protection and conservation in Croatia started near the end of the 19th century.

With the aim of nature protection promotion, the Republic of Croatia celebrates every year the Nature Protection Day, when prizes and recognition for achievements in nature protection are traditionally given.

A nature protection label is used in order to promote nature protection and the identification of officials in exercising control and undertaking measures in nature protection.