The National Park Mljet is situated on the western part of the same-named island Mljet. Autochthonous forests of Holm oak and Aleppo pine cover more than 90% of the Park’s surface providing it with special biological and aesthetic value and it is therefore often called the “Green Island”.

Along with numerous coves, bays and islets, the Park is known for its town salty lakes, Malo and Veliko jezero (Great and Small Lake), which are actually karst valleys submerged by sea water. They are abundant with a large number of species of fish, crustaceans, shells and other marine organisms. Vineyards and fields under olive trees grown for centuries on the island only add to its landscape diversity.

The Park’s territory is also host to rich cultural-historical heritage. Inside the Great Lake there is a small isle of St. Mary with ancient Benedictine monastery and church dating from 12th century. The remains of the early Christian basilica, Roman palace and thermal baths are located in the town of Polače.