Nature park Kopački rit

The Nature Park Kopački rit is considered one of the most preserved fluvial-wetlands in Europe characterised by outstanding beauty of landscape and rich biodiversity.

The Park’s largest area is covered by white willow forests and wetland and grassland vegetation. Wetland conditions are favourable for a large number of amphibians, fish, birds and mammals and for that reason the south part of the Park was designated a special zoological reserve.

Kopački rit is especially interesting for its birds and known as one of the largest spawning grounds for Danube river basin fish. Until now 282 bird species were recorded, of which 141 is regularly or occasionally nesting in Kopački rit. Due to the importance of Kopački rit as a wetland habitat and habitat of a large number of birds, in 1986 it was included in the List of European Important Bird Areas (IBA), and in 1993 to the List of Wetlands of International Importance under the Convention on Wetlands (RAMSAR).