Nature park Lastovsko otočje

Lastovsko otočje (Lastovo archipelago) belongs to the outer group of islands in south Dalmatia and includes the island of Lastovo with neighbouring islands, island groups Lastovnjaci and Vrhovnjaci and island Sušac, consisting of the total of 44 islands, islets and reefs. 

It is distinguished by special inland flora and fauna features as well as by its wealth and diversity of marine flora and fauna and exceptional landscape beauty. Special value of this Nature Park is definitely its great wealth of marine and submarine flora and fauna. Out of 703 recorded plant species, 53 are endangered, while out of 141 vertebrae species, 71 is endangered. Special biological value and significance of the Lastovo archipelago are provided by endemic and stenoendemic species like Adriatic ruin lizard, Dalmatian wall lizard and Lastovo wall lizard.