Species and habitats


Wild taxa consist of:

  • the specimens of wild growing plants, fungi and animals living in freedom and of cultivated/bred specimens thereof,
  • their evolution forms (eggs, larvae, pupae, seeds, fruits, mycelia, etc.),
  • parts and derivatives thereof,
  • and readily distinguishable products thereof.


In order to preserve habitats and habitat types, the Nature Protection Act in particular prescribes the method of conservation of individual ecosystems such as forest and karst ecosystems and gives guidelines for conservation of wetland habitats, sea, grasslands and agricultural land.


Genetic diversity

The Republic of Croatia is one of the rare countries not only in Europe that because of its specific geographical position is thriving with abundance and diversity of its terrestrial, marine and underground habitats while its special advantage is the level of preservation and wealth of species and subspecies with a significant number of endemics.