Wild taxa consist of:

  • the specimens of wild growing plants, fungi and animals living in freedom and of cultivated/bred specimens thereof,
  • their evolution forms (eggs, larvae, pupae, seeds, fruits, mycelia, etc.),
  • parts and derivatives thereof,
  • and readily distinguishable products thereof.

The Ministry by way of an ordinance designates endangered wild taxa as protected taxa or strictly protected taxa at proposal of the State Institute for Nature Protection on the grounds of assessment of threat on certain taxa and obligations ensuing from international treaties in force which the Republic of Croatia is a party to.

Protection also extends to wild growing plants and fungi, as well as wild animals found in a national park, strict nature reserve, and special nature reserve in the case of wild growing plants, fungi and wild animals owing to which the area is protected in the first place, as well as all the underground animals even where not protected as individual taxa.

In order to prevent negative impacts on autochthonous flora and fauna it is prohibited to introduce allochthonous (alien) wild taxa into nature on the territory of the Republic of Croatia and into ecological systems which they do not populate naturally.

Reintroduction of vanished wild taxa into natural environment on the territory of the Republic of Croatia may be pursued with permission from the Ministry granted on the grounds of a study on assessment of the risk resulting from reintroduction into natural environment.