Care for strictly protected and protected animal species

The Ministry authorised five associations for rescue, treatment and care of found injured, exhausted or wounded as well as confiscated or seized protected animals. These centres are continually providing successful treatment and recovery of a large number of protected animal species which are returned to nature, thus contributing to improved active protection of species.

Rescue centres for strictly protected and protected animal species:

1. The association Falconry Centre from Šibenik provides care for birds of pray

Dubrava near Šibenik, Škugori b.b., HR-22000 Šibenik
Phonel/Fax: +385-22-21 92 24
Contact Person: Emilio Menđušić, GSM +385-91-506 76 10

2. Research and education centre for nature protection Eco-centre Caput Insulae – Beli (ECCIB) provides care for griffon vultures

Beli 4, HR-51559 Beli – Otok Cres
Phone/Fax: +385-51-84 05 25
Contact Person: Ph.D Goran Sušić, GSM: +385-91-335 71 23

3. AWAP – Association for Wild Animals Protection from Zagreb provides care for birds and small mammals

Siget 6, HR-10000 Zagreb / Jablanska 17a, Kraj Gornji, Zaprešić
Phone/Fax:  +385-1-339 27 95
Contact Person:
Ingeborg Bata, GSM: +385-91-230 22 15
Zoran Horvat, GSM: +385-98-28 16 48

4. The Animal Protection Association Ruščica from Ruščica provides care mostly for confiscated or seized animals

Ruščičkih žrtava 51, HR-35208 Ruščica
Phone: +385-35-45 70 05
Contact Person: Mirko Milec, GSM: +385-98-80 26 78

5. Marine Educational Centre (MEC) from Pula provides care for sea turtles

Verudella bb, HR-52105 Pula
Phone: +385-52-38 14 02
Contact Person: Ph.D Milena Mičić, GSM: +385-91-568 29 86